Thames Group helps global logistics giant Ziegler expand UK transport capabilities

As part of a new strategic partnership, Thames Group are providing the international logistics company, Ziegler, with 26 branded trailers to help expand their operations in the UK. With Ziegler's new initiative to grow their UK branch by investing in a larger fleet, Thames Group are providing them with 26 personalised curtain sided trailers to help cover more miles and service a greater number of customers. "As a fellow logistics company sharing our values of efficiency and reliability, we're delighted to partner with Ziegler in their next chapter.

With our reliable and secure trailers, we enable Ziegler to step up their operations and deliver to even more customers and locations" states Daniel Treadwell, Managing Director of Thames Group. Ziegler Group are an international logistics provider that offers multimodal transport services by road, sea, air, and rail. Originally founded in 1908 in Belgium, Ziegler has established localised branches in 15 countries with a UK branch created in 2009.

Ziegler has since greatly grown their presence in the UK with the aim to expand even further by acquiring a larger fleet. As well as needing more vehicles to accommodate increasing orders, Ziegler wanted the trailers to display their logo to increase brand awareness. Thames Group, one of their key domestic haulage partners, regularly provides white labelling services to its customers.

They were at hand to provide Ziegler with transportation trailers featuring their own unique design. "We understand that driving brand awareness is key to growing a brand - and displaying a business' logo on its vehicles has been a successful way to achieve this. That's why our white labelling service is ideal for businesses like Ziegler who aim to advertise their brand identity while transporting goods all over the country" adds Daniel.

Founded in 1977, Thames Group are an Essex-based logistics company that provides haulage and warehousing services. The family-owned business pride themselves on being cost-effective and reliable when delivering goods across the nation. Thames Group has a varied fleet of vehicles ranging from light vans to 44-tonne heavy goods lorries.

This allows them to adapt to the specific needs of their customers with specialised services such as one-way distribution, last-mile deliveries and white labelling.

"We're always keen to help our partners and customers with any specific logistics requirements they may have.

Our partnership with Ziegler marks a significant step for us and we look forward to seeing their iconic green and yellow branding on the road" concludes Daniel.