Mini reactors at the core of a local nuclear revolution

Communities near oil refineries and old coal-fired power stations may face a dilemma under plans by Rolls-Royce for a new fleet of mini nuclear reactors. Although the phasing out of fossil fuels will mean jobs will disappear and house prices will fall, the best chance of economic revival could be to accept the blight of a nuclear site on their doorstep.

Rolls-Royce is leading a consortium developing a reactor that can be mass-produced in factories and will take half the time to deliver as the large reactors being built at Hinkley Point in Somerset, at half the cost. It says the first will open in 2031, as many as nine more will be built by 2035, and 30 by 2050.

The initial focus will be

Truck Talk: Sound off edition

One of the unintended challenges arising from the near-silent operation of electric trucks is that you cannot hear them coming, especially if you are legally blind. This week, we look at how some truck manufacturers are soundly addressing the challenge…

Second company approved to certify Canada ELDs

Transport Canada has approved a second group to certify electronic logging devices for uses in Canada.
CSA Group of Mississauga, Ontario, has received accreditation from the Standards Council of Canada and Transport Canada to test and certify ELD compl…