Why Ford’s Electric F-150 Lightning Is Bullish

Some auto investors were initially unimpressed by Ford Motor Company’s (NYSE: F)[1] reveal of its battery-electric F-150 Lightning last month. After all, if Ford is simply defending its pickup-truck turf from new entrants as the world transitions to el…

Arbroath firm’s fantastic Foden enjoying new life in sun-kissed St Lucia

© Supplied by Davie FerdinandThe Angus firm's tipper is now on the roads of St Lucia.
The Angus firm’s tipper is now on the roads of St Lucia.

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Bitter sale of trucking companies pits brother against brother

A fight between two brothers over their jointly owned trucking business is nearing a bitter end after three years of litigation and arbitration. So bitter that one brother is funding an investigation.
Paul and Rana Randhawa have been embroiled in a leg…