Perennial Freight is relying on a multi-camera system fitted to its fleet to reduce insurance costs and support driver …

The Irish road transport operator is using technology from Camera Telematics in 85 of its HGVs running out of three depots in the Republic. It said the solution replaced a previous video system that no longer met its needs in terms of reliability, functionality and cost. Perennial Freight will be using the multi-camera system to provide added visibility for vehicles and drivers when they are out on the road.

This is already enabling office workers to investigate and, where appropriate, challenge and resolve incoming complaints, insurance claims and operational issues. As a result, the company said it could determine liability, avoid reputational damage and safeguard customer relationships, while making time and cost-savings. "Our camera system plays a key role within the operation, helping to mitigate operational risk and better manage insurance costs, so it is crucial for us to work with the right technology partner that can deliver an industry-leading system," said Norbert Antal, the haulier's purchasing manager.

The company has teamed up with Camera Telematics to roll out the technology solution

Mark Stamper, director of Camera Telematics, said: "Perennial Freight needed a highly functional and cost-effective multi-camera system that would deliver road safety and insurance improvements, while supporting their duty of care commitments.

"By combining high-quality service with innovative vehicle camera technology, we have been able to work closely with them to implement an advanced solution and meet their precise requirements."