Parties make final campaign pitches with two days until polling day

Parties hone in on core messagespublished at 05:47 2 July

Henry ZeffmanChief political correspondent

As thisgeneral election campaign draws to a close, the parties are honing in on thecore messages they hope will appeal to the crucial slices of the British publicthey need to win.

The Conservativesare warning of a Labour victory so large that Sir Keir Starmer might wield"unchecked" power.

Whatever theysay publicly, the way they are approaching this week shows that they believethe dire opinion polling is plausible at the very least.

In Labour's corner they are relieved and pleased to have made it through theentire campaign with essentially one consistent one-word message: change.

Note that inthe final days the message is being adapted, though, to warn voters that ifthey want change they "have to vote for it".

That betraysmore than a flicker of concern that some potential Labour voters may see theresult as a foregone conclusion and as a result stay at home or vote foranother party.

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