Courts round-up: 15 people in south Essex sentenced

>>> Court reporting – what your newspaper can and can’t report[1]
A prolific shoplifter who targeted a shop repeatedly has been banned from entering the store.
David Knight, 41, of Dalys Road, Rochford, stole from the Sainsbury’s Local store in West St…

Van fire closes three lanes on northbound M6 in Cheshire

A vehicle caught fire on the hard shoulder between junctions 18 and 19, from Middlewich to Knutsford.
Firefighters were called at 6.45pm.
Highways England says there is three miles of congestion as emergency services are at the scene.
Drivers face heav…

Column by MP Maria Miller on Basingstoke’s new hospital

Both the NHS officer and the minister were crystal clear with residents: Basingstoke is getting a new hospital, the hospital is funded, the Treasury has confirmed the funding is in place (between £700-900m), the money will now be given to the trust in …

What a £1.2 million house looks like in Worcester on Zoopla

While you might’ve seen a variety of properties in the area, do you know what a £1.2 million property could look like in Worcester? Well, look no further.
Zoopla currently has a listing for a Worcester property and you’ll need £1.2 million to make it y…

Plans for homes near A1 and airbase in North Yorkshire

A planning statement has been prepared by Saddington Taylor Planning on behalf of the applicants, FW and JA Herbert.
According to the planning statement, the application site extends to approximately 0.249 hectares and covers part of an enclosed arable…

Moment road rage brawl halts traffic on busy Scots motorway

WATCH as Glasgow’s Kingston Bridge is brought to a standstill after two drivers got out their vehicles and started a RAMMY on the middle of the busy motorway.

Traffic[1] ground to a halt this afternoon after the two fighters – thought to be women[2] – began punching lumps out of each other on the busy eastbound M8 slip road as shocked motorists looked on.

The pair were filmed rolling around the motorway fighting


The pair were filmed rolling around the motorway fighting
She grabs another woman by the head


She grabs another woman by the head
The had to be split up by another driver


The had to be split up by another driver

It is understood the road rage[3] fight started between a Porsche[4] driver and Fiesta driver after one cut the other one up.

A Porsche is seen parked up blocking traffic across the outside lane with a lorry packed up beside it as the pair dangerously roll about road on one of the busiest urban bridges in Europe[5].

In bizarre video footage one woman wearing a purple top is seen dragging another woman by the hair[6], who then getting on top of her and starts rapidly beating her with her fists.

The pair roll around two lane road in front of an HGV which was forced to stop.

car[7] and split the pair apart, reports the Daily Record[8].

The Fiesta driver is understood to have got back in the car and drove off.

Video[9] of the fight has circulated on social media[10] since the incident took place this morning[11].

Most read in The Scottish Sun

Police[12] Scotland confirmed they had received a report of two individuals fighting on the Kingston Bridge at around 11.10am this morning.

Cops[13] said they attended but were no trace and there were no further reports.

It’s not the first time people have risked their life pulling daft stunts on the M8.

It comes after a man was spotted running into oncoming traffic[14] on a busy Scots motorway.

And a oblivious cyclist was clocked pedalling over the bridge[15] in December.


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