Paris plane crash kills three as ‘light aircraft ploughs into motorway after hitting power cable’

Three tourists are believed to have died when a plane crashed into a French motorway outside Paris on Sunday afternoon. The aircraft is believed to have crashed on the A4 highway near the French town of Collegien in the Ile-de-France region. A police source has reportedly told the AFP press agency that the vehicle hit an overhead power cable before the incident.

The motorway was blocked in both directions, the source confirmed, asking not to be named. No cars were hit. "A tourist plane from Lognes-Emerainville (aeroflight flying club) has crashed for the second time in a year on the A4 near Collegien," the Association of residents of the Lognes aerodrome said in a statement.

Images from the scene show a crushed aircraft lying across the road's central reservation. Earlier this month, the Mirror reported how a plane[1] full of passengers suffered heavy damage to its windshield and nose[2] when it descended through hail. The Austrian Airlines flight was flying into Vienna[3] when it came across a thunderstorm not shown on its weather[4] radar, causing it to run into trouble.

As the plane's visibility worsened, the pilot sent out a mayday as they continued flying the plane blind at around 19,685ft over Hartberg, Austria, last night. Loose objects in the cabin were reportedly thrown around and the cabin crew had to calm several terrified passengers as the hail battered the flight. Despite the danger, the pilot finally managed to land the plane safely.

As the passengers disembarked they were shocked to see the damage to both windshields, the nose, as well as several panels.

Despite the scare, no one on board was injured on the plane which had earlier taken off from Palma, Majorca.


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