Gridserve offers 20% off charging all summer via new app

Gridserve is celebrating the launch of its new charging app with a 20% discount on charging paid for via the app.

The app can be used at over 190 Gridserve locations The new app helps users find, pay and monitor their charging sessions, and can be used at over 190 Gridserve locations. These include its Electric Forecourts, Electric Super Hubs at motorway service areas and Electric Retail Hubs at locations such as Dobbies.

The new app will help users find the best charging location, which then can be navigated to through Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze. The app has real-time, up-to-date availability statuses on all charging locations. Once at the chosen Gridserve charger, users can monitor their charge, see their charging curves and track when their vehicle will be ready to continue on its journey.

They can also use the app to pay securely for the session. The new app will make getting a receipt easier than ever. Following the end of the charging session, receipts will be automatically emailed to the user's chosen email along with a charging summary.

The driver's 12 previous charging session can also be stored on their account. Rebecca Trebble, chief customer experience officer, said: "200,000 charging sessions are recorded on the Gridserve Electric Highway every month and the new app will make those charging sessions even easier. We have listened to our users and made it easier to receive receipts as we look to constantly improve our service.

With 20% off charging across our locations this summer, it's the perfect time to utilise the network and the app for a summer adventure." The app is available now from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Gridserve is also continuing the expansion of its rapid and ultra-rapid chargers across the UK with new locations along with upgrading previous locations.

More than 160 charging bays have been installed so far this year, with many more currently in construction.

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