Thames Group sets new industry standard with cost-effective one-way logistics services

Alongside their standard round-trip haulage services, Thames Group are redefining how goods are transported across the UK by additionally offering a one-way delivery solution. By utilising a nationwide network of clients, Thames Group can take care of customers that don't have a return load by organising a different delivery for the vehicle's journey back home. "Not all businesses require a round trip of goods transportation and no one wants to pay for the miles wasted on the return journey of the empty trailer.

With our vast network of partnerships, we can negate a client's responsibility for the returning trip by finding a backload at the specified delivery location - meaning no miles are wasted" states Daniel Treadwell, Managing Director of Thames Group. As industry practise in logistics, the entire journey of the vehicle is covered by the customer whose goods are being transported. This can create challenges for businesses that only need to distribute goods to one destination but have no products to transport for the return journey home.

With a one-way delivery, companies can streamline their operations, optimise resources and minimise costs by not having to pay for the unnecessary mileage. Thames Group believe that this cost-effective distribution method can help organisations make the most of their transport miles and exceed their revenue targets. "In the haulage and logistics industry, driving without a cargo is wasted money.

It's standard to always organise a return delivery to make the most of your trip but not every business has this requirement. That's why we provide a one-way delivery option that's already reduced costs for many of our clients" adds Daniel. Established in 1977, Thames Group are an Essex based company that specialises in haulage and warehousing.

The family-owned business prides itself on reliable and cost-effective distribution services when delivering goods across the nation. Thames Group has a fleet of vehicles ranging from light vans to 44-tonne heavy goods lorries. Departing from Essex, London and Kent, their general haulage fleet carry out one-way deliveries for clients predominantly delivering palletised goods.

"Our customers don't need to worry if they don't have a return load as we make one-way deliveries a financially viable option for organisations that only need to deliver from A to B.

It's just one of the many additional services we offer that has contributed towards our 40 years of customer satisfaction" concludes Daniel.