Police play cupid after woman, 77, lost on M60 driving to date

Last night, motorway police on the M60 spotted the 77-year-old woman who had travelled from Lincoln and was on her way to Stockport. But she became lost and police[1] helped her on her way to Tesco, where she was to meet with someone. A spokesman from GMP Traffic said: "Motorway cops located a lost lady on M60 tonight, 77 years young at heart, she was looking for love, traveling from Lincoln meeting her new beau at Stockport.

"She was over the moon when our Cupid Cops guided her back to a date at Tesco, @gmptraffic[2] going the extra mile." People in the comments thought it was 'sweet' the officers had helped the woman. One said: "Awe bless you all that was so kind of you all."

Another said: "How so very sweet. Great work of a different kind to all teams concerned. Thanks."

This is not the first time GMP officers[7] have helped a driver lost on the motorway. An elderly couple visiting from Wales needed to be guided to safety after "getting lost" on the motorway for 10 hours in March. Greater Manchester Police reported in the early hours of the morning of Friday, March 22, that the couple had been reported lost in Manchester.

Officers eventually found the elderly couple's car on the M60 and, finding the driver to be "confused", guided them to a safe stop on the M62.

Anyone with any concerns about safety on the motorway can call police on 101 or 999 in the event of an emergency.


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