New Hairy Bikers book released ‘Our Family Favourites’

Hairy Bikers 'Our Family Favourites' will contain 100 new recipes inspired by the duo's journey together. It will be released on October 24. Fans welcomed the announcement on social media.

Sam Smith said that she could not 'wait to buy a copy.' Sue Vickers-Thompson said: "Ordered with both joy and sadness. God bless." The book comes after the death of Dave, 66, on February 28 after a battle with cancer.

An estimated 20,000 bikers arrived in Barrow, according to Cumbria Police, for Dave Day with Si saying that over double that number were involved in the ride from London to Barrow. Inspired by their journey together, Si King has completed this book as a tribute to his best friend and cooking partner Dave Myers, and a celebration of the food they loved to cook for themselves and their families. You can pre-order yours from the following link -...[1]

-- Hairy Bikers (@HairyBikers) June 17, 2024[2]

In terms of if the event could happen on an annual basis, Si King told BBC Breakfast 'wouldn't it be wonderful?'

"I think I may have to ask Woody (Jason Woodcock) in a week's time and Lil (Liliana Myers) because Lil and Woody were really instrumental in making this happen and it was a remarkable, remarkable achievement," he said. Liliana, who addressed the crowd outside Barrow Town Hall on Dave Day with Si, is Dave Myers' widow. by Si King Hairy Biker Si King leads the convoy up to BarrowHairy Biker Si King leads the convoy up to Barrow (Image: Jacob King/PA Wire)

"There's not very many times when I'm speechless and overwhelmed, but it was just the most remarkable of days," he said. "By the time we got off the motorway, it took us five hours before the final people in the convoy actually arrived in Barrow." The pair made a name for themselves through an illustrious television career spanning two decades, and releasing top selling cookbooks such as 'The Hairy Dieters' series.

Fans can pre-order the book through Amazon and Waterstones.


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