Moment driver speeds wrong way down M25 in stolen van

A video has captured the moment a speeding driver hurtled down the wrong lane on the M25 in a stolen van before crashing and killing two people. Barancan Nurcin, 22, has received the longest sentence ever imposed for death by dangerous driving after he sped down the traffic artery in a white Citroen Dispach that had been reported as stolen. Police were alerted to the theft at around 3.40am on February 4 this year, and tracked the van to the M1, where Nurcin, who didn't have a licence, was travelling southbound.

After he failed to stop, police pursued, and the van dangerously took an emergency access road off the main carriageway, heading back on the motorway - this time travelling towards oncoming traffic. As he travelled against the traffic, Nurcin failed to stop twice more after he was spotted by officers on Breakspear Way, Hemel Hempstead, and on the M25.

CCTV still of car on motorwayFootage showed Nurcin as he sped down the M25 (Hertfordshire Constabulary / SWNS)

Video recorded by police cars shows officers pursuing the van down the highway in the darkness, following from a parallel lane as Nurcin clumsily swerves to avoid the oncoming traffic. An angle of the chase from speed cameras shows the driver roaring down the hard shoulder as other cars pass by.

At around 4.08am, the van collided with a silver DFSK 580 Glory, and killing passenger Zoe Hawes. Mrs Hawes, 39, from Essex, had been travelling to Luton Airport to go on holiday for her 40th birthday with her husband. She was pronounced dead at the scene, and her severely injured husband, who sustained a series of broken bones and bleed to the brain, was placed in a medically induced coma.

Motorway with crashed cars onPolice cameras captured the aftermath of the crash (Hertfordshire Constabulary / SWNS)

He suffered memory loss due to sedatives and had to be repeatedly told that his beloved wife had died.

Two other vehicles - a silver Skoda Superb and a black Peugeot 5008 - collided with debris, causing five people to sustain injuries. Nurcin made off from the scene, leaving behind his friend Fahad Dek, 23, who lay dead in the passenger seat. Police footage also captured the moment of the crash, and debris strewn about the road the following morning.

Nurcin was also taken to hospital with serious injuries after he was located by officers nearby. He was later arrested and taken into custody.

Crashed cars on a motorwayNurcin received an 18 year sentence for the horror crash (Hertfordshire Constabulary / SWNS)

It quickly emerged that his driving licence had already been revoked after an incident in 2021 where he was caught driving on cannabis. On Tuesday, March 26, Nurcin, from Tottenham, pleaded guilty to two counts of causing death by dangerous driving, causing death whilst unlicensed, causing death whilst uninsured and four of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

He was sentenced yesterday to 18 years in prison at St Albans Crown Court on June 21. Chief Inspector Steve O'Keeffe, from the Roads Policing Unit (RPU), said: "Although nothing can make up for the pain Nurcin has caused, I am pleased with today's result. Nurcin's actions have had catastrophic consequences causing the deaths of two innocent people.

"Many more lives have also been destroyed through the trauma and heartache he has caused. The impact of this dreadful collision cannot be overstated and my thoughts are with the victims' loved ones. Zoe Hawes was a much loved mother and grandmother whose life was cruelly cut short because of Nurcin.

Zoe's husband will require intensive therapy for a long period of time to assist with physical movement, communication and cognitive skills. He currently has no sight in one of his eyes."

Blurry camera footage of a car on the roadCameras captured the van as it roared down a hard shoulder (Hertfordshire Constabulary / SWNS)

"Fahad Dek was just twenty-three, with his whole life ahead of him. He was described by his family as a pillar of strength and they dearly miss him.

That Nurcin left Fahad in the vehicle, whilst trying to evade officers, speaks volumes of his character. "Nurcin had plenty of opportunity to safely pull over for police. Instead, he ignored our officers and made the incomprehensible decision to drive towards oncoming traffic, knowingly putting the public at risk.

I hope today's result goes some way in easing the pain of all those affected by the utterly selfish and dangerous actions of Nurcin."