Keith Elkington Transport embarks on decarbonisation journey with connected telematics solution

Keith Elkington Transport is leading the charge towards a greener future by investing in an integrated Webfleet telematics and video camera system solution. The strategic move aims to enhance driver safety and significantly reduce the company's carbon footprint. As a specialist in foodservice equipment transport, the company operates a fleet of eight HGVs and 28 high profile 3.5 tonne Luton Box vans, which have to be tall enough to carry large, heavy payloads such as refrigeration units, cooking suites and pizza ovens.

"Operating an environmentally-friendly fleet is a top priority for us," explained Oli Elkington, Managing Director at Keith Elkington Transport. "However, due to the heavy payload nature of our business and our nationwide delivery schedule, transitioning to an electric fleet wasn't a viable option at this time. "We've already invested in new Sprinter Chassis cab vans which weigh 60kg less than our previous models, have a more aerodynamic body, feature the latest Euro 6 engines and use Mercedes Blue Efficiency stop-start technology - but we knew we could do even better." "With Webfleet's OptiDrive 360 functionality, we can now monitor the quality of driving out on the road, with real-time feedback in the cab helping our drivers operate much more efficiently.

"We can track and address incidents of harsh braking, speeding and harsh cornering as well as idling. Far from feeling watched over, our drivers have welcomed the move and it's encouraged some healthy competition on who is improving fastest." Green speed recommendations, advice on appropriate gear changing and reminders on when to ease off the accelerator when approaching a coasting zone have produced dramatic improvements in driving behaviour and fuel usage.

Jonny Wiggins of system installers Fleet Trak added: "This is an excellent example of how conventional van fleets can still achieve significant carbon reductions without having to go electric. With Webfleet now sitting at the heart of their drive to cut carbon emissions, Keith Elkington Transport is anticipating a significant dip in future fuel costs." Integrated in-cab cameras also offer full visibility into critical events to improve driver safety.

"Videos picking up old bad habits, such as texting or eating at the wheel, were automatically triggered by AI in the early days and delivered to our Transport Manager, but now such incidences are very rare," said Elkington.

Webfleet's Tachograph Manager means that drivers can now run automatic downloads of tachograph data without having to return to the depot, while the electronic fob-based Driver ID kits are a simple but effective way for Keith Elkington to keep tabs on which driver is in which vehicle.

The company has also installed front and rear facing Mantis cameras to all its HGVs, helping to seal FORS silver accreditation and the minimum three-star DVS (Direct Vision Standard) rating that will be required in central London from October 28.