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09:00 Thu 27th Jun 2024 | Posted By UKHAULIER

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FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has unveiled 'Introduction to Decarbonisation', a brand-new module for its popular FORS Practitioner training programme. The new course equips fleet managers with a deep understanding of carbon emissions and their impact - including regulatory frameworks and decarbonisation terminology. It is designed to deliver the fundamental principles that fleet operators need to adopt a more sustainable mindset.

By focusing on the areas suggested in the training, operators can better understand how to reduce their environmental impact and contribute positively to collective sustainability goals. Specifically, participants that complete the new module will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of decarbonising the fleet and why road fleet is a high priority
  • Examine the regulatory landscape and why decarbonisation relates to the FORS Standard
  • Understand decarbonisation key terms and phrases
  • Explore the three Rs of sustainability - record, report, reduce - and the decarbonisation options available to fleet operators

The arrival of Introduction to Decarbonisation coincides with the recent launch of Version 7 of the FORS Standard and is reflected in requirements 'S5 Professional development' and 'G3 Decarbonisation strategy'. FORS Accredited Operators must have a designated Fuel & Emissions Champion attend the module to satisfy 'S5' requirements prior to FORS Silver applications occurring on or after 2 January 2025 when Version 7 becomes effective.

Available to managers of fleets of all sizes and make-ups, regardless of whether they have FORS accreditation, the first two modules quickly sold out and were delivered remotely on 25 June. Two additional courses will follow, taking place on 15 July. As a distinct benefit of their accreditation with FORS, operators can take advantage of half-price entry to the session that serves as an 'optional' FORS Practitioner module for those pursuing FORS Practitioner and Advanced FORS Practitioner qualifications.

FORS Concession Director, Geraint Davies, said, "With the launch of our 'Introduction to Decarbonisation' module, we're continuing to set the standard for excellence in fleet management education.

The time to decarbonise is now and we're proud that FORS is leading the way on the transport sector's road to net zero."

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