Election latest: Starmer wins another TV debate poll

Welsh first minister faces confidence vote - just seven weeks since he was elected By Tomos Evans[1], Wales reporter Vaughan Gething has only been Wales's first minister for seven weeks.

He took over from Mark Drakeford, who stepped down in March. But today, Mr Gething faces a vote of no confidence in his leadership. What's triggered the vote?

It's been tabled by the Welsh Conservatives - the largest opposition party in the Senedd (Welsh parliament). The motion's been put forward after concerns were raised about a GBP200k donation to Mr Gething's leadership campaign from a company owned by a man previously convicted of environmental offences. Opposition party members have also accused Mr Gething of misleading the COVID Inquiry over deleted messages.

But the first minister insists all rules have been followed. He later sacked a junior minister from his cabinet for allegedly leaking to the media - allegations she denies. Plaid Cymru then withdrew from a cooperation deal it had with Labour, which had seen the pro-Welsh independence party support the government on dozens of policies.

How will the vote play out? Labour have 30 of the 60 seats in the Senedd (Welsh parliament). But a senior Welsh Labour figure told BBC Radio Wales on Wednesday morning that two of the party's Senedd members are off sick and that the opposition are refusing to pair with them.

A pairing arrangement would mean some members don't vote to balance out the absent members on the opposing side.

The vote is not binding though, so the first minister would not have to resign if he did lose.

But losing a vote of confidence would undoubtedly be damaging to the authority of any first minister.


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