Dave Myers’ wife and Si King ‘overwhelmed’ as they thank fans after ‘Dave Day’ ride

Dave Myers'[1] wife Liliana Orzac and his best friend Si King shared an emotional message with fans after supporters took part in 'Dave Day'. The Hairy Biker passed away in February at 66 following a cancer battle[2]. He was one half of the motorcycle-riding cooking duo, and his best friend Si, 57, announced the news earlier this year, saying in a heartbreaking message: "My best friend is on a journey that for now, I can't follow."

This weekend, a thousands-strong group of bikers took part in a ride out dubbed 'Dave Day'[3], which saw the group riding from London to Cumbria to celebrate his life. The remembrance procession wrapped up at the late star's hometown, Barrow-in-Furness, on the coast. After an 'overwhelming' day, Si and Liliana took to the official Hairy Bikers[4] Instagram[5] page to thank everyone for their support.

Liliana started the video by explaining how she felt: "Very tired and emotional. Yesterday, we had a Dave day. It was an amazing day," while Si supported her with an arm wrapped around her shoulder.

Liliana and Si thanked people for their support and participation (Instagram/ @hairybikers)Thousands of people joined in on the ride out after Dave Myers' death in February (PA)

Si added: "It was.

Overwhelming." She added: "On the bikes crying our eyes out. We had all those beautiful people greeting us from every bridge we went under on the motorway and getting into Burrow..." Si went on to reveal the official figures stated that there were 46,136 bikes joining them and at least 200,000 people lining the route in support. "It was absolutely overwhelming," he said. "Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts because it's just overwhelming.

We're kind of lost for words. What a way to wake up after a Dave Day." Liliana added: "Please accept our thanks from the bottom of our souls and let's have another Dave Day."

There was a huge turnout at the 'Dave Day' ride out (Iain Buist/Newcastle Chronicle)

Fans took to the comment section to share their words of support, with one user writing: "Amazing turnout for a wonderful man. I think you can safely say that this whole beautiful country loved Dave.

He is us," while another posted: "You hairy bikers are a true national treasure. Don't think you realise we love you so very dearly, were proud of you." One said: "Such a fantastic turnout, he deserved a special day.

Happy Dave Day to everyone." At the end of the gigantic bike ride on Saturday, Si addressed the emotional crowd. "We've all been in tears, not one dry eye," he said as everyone loudly cheered. Liliana said to the massive crowd: "Dave was always a Barrovian in his heart.

He loved Barrow and he wanted to put Barrow on the map.

And today, beyond his grave, he's done it again."

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