Bretts transport invests in new Scania trucks

Bretts Transport has invested in 11 new trucks in preparation for anticipated growth as more customers come on board. One flagship 16-litre 660 S truck delivering 3300Nm of torque and liveried with a metallic finish was among the first to arrive and was used as a special commemorative truck to mark the company's 90th anniversary last year. Bretts has also taken delivery of five 500 S Super 13-litre trucks, with a further five on order for delivery in the first quarter of 2024, as the company seeks to upgrade and modernise its fleet.

The new vehicles are the latest in a long line of investments by Bretts from Suffolk-based Scania dealer TruckEast. The company has taken delivery of 51 new trucks from TruckEast since 2018 alone, including the remaining five still to come. It is part of a rolling programme which sees the company's fleet renewed on average every five years.

Some of the trucks have been purchased while others have been acquired through five-year contract hire agreements, complete with repair and maintenance. Simon Brett, Managing Director of Bretts Transport, said: "For all our requirements, when looking at new vehicles Scania has long been the most suited. Fuel economy, reliability, service from the dealer and cost are all important factors we consider.

The drivers' own acceptance of the vehicles has always been on our list of priorities too, but these days is more important than ever. Scania trucks always prove very popular with our drivers." Simon said Bretts continues to choose the spacious S-cab to provide a better working environment for its drivers thanks to its fully flat floor and being the largest cab in Scania's range.

As well as a larger cab features include a flat floor, microwave, refrigerator, air-conditioned seats, an arm rest and tray table. Bretts' new trucks also boast Scania's new Super engine and driveline. Deemed to be Scania's most efficient diesel engine to date it features industry leading engine technologies such as a twin SCR system, dual overhead camshafts, optimised injectors, an optimised high pressure fuel pump, improved cooling and lubrication, increased turbocharger efficiency and an all-new management system.

The new 500 S Super trucks will each save Bretts 1 mpg when compared with the 450 S on a like-for-like trip. James Crouch, Sales Manager of TruckEast, said: "The spec of a vehicle these days, especially since the driver shortage, can have a huge influence on attracting the right people to work for you. Simon's decision to once again invest in S-cabs allows Bretts to enhance the drivers working environment and create a home-from-home experience."

All the new vehicles meet Euro 6 standards. Extra work carried out by Bretts' workshop team mean that 50 per cent of the company's 85-strong fleet is now DVS compliant. Bretts has also taken advantage of Scania's Train The Trainer offering - a practical and theoretical course showing companies how to get the most from their vehicles.

Topics covered on the course include in-cab technology and driving style to maximise efficiency.