Macfarlane Group 2023 Sustainability ReportĀ 

Macfarlane Group 2023 Sustainability Report outlines progress on ESG commitments  Macfarlane Group, the UK's leading supplier of protective packaging, has today (30th May  2024) published its Sustainability Report for 2023 in which it reveals good progress against its  sustainability commitments.  The report, which can be read in full here [Sustainability Report], reveals: 

  • 22% absolute reduction in Macfarlane's carbon footprint and a 37% reduction in carbon  sales intensity since 2019 
  • Five fully electric trucks have been introduced to Macfarlane's commercial delivery  fleet and 1/3 of the company car fleet is now electric.  
  • A second Packaging Innovation Lab opened in Heywood to help customers reduce the  environmental impact of their packaging 
  • Nearly 90% of the Group's electricity now comes from certified renewable sources o Significant improvement in the Group's Customer Net Promotor score to 60 (2022: 50)  o Over a third of the senior leadership team are female and Macfarlane Group achieved  a 0% gender pay gap 
  • Extensive support to the Group's charity partners through volunteering, logistics and  raising vital funds 

Commenting on the results of the 2023 report, David Patton, Macfarlane Group's  Head of Sustainability said: "Our 2023 Sustainability Report shows progress across  a number of areas as we reduce our own impact on the environment but also work  with our customers and suppliers to reduce theirs.

We will continue to build on this  progress and use our position to advance our social agenda too; supporting our 

colleagues, creating a great place to work and being a force for good in the local  communities where we operate." The 2023 report is available for review and download here: [Sustainability Report]

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