M4 rescue sees ducklings rescued by police in Wiltshire

Officers received a report about the wandering waterfowl on the motorway at around 5.30pm on Monday afternoon. An armed response vehicle attended the scene. A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: "Sadly, the mother duck was deceased upon our arrival.

"We managed to save the remaining nine ducklings. They were taken to the RSPCA Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue centre for ongoing care." Wiltshire Specialist Operations shared news of the rescue on social media.

One commenter replied: "Well rescued. [I] used to look after orphan ducks and release them when grown. They'll be fine. Good job guys."

Another added: "Well done! Have done the same several times on-road. In some cases you manage to rescue the whole families.

In others, no." A third said: "Your ARVs go the extra mile for people and nature. They show here just how adept they are at saving lives.

Thank you."