‘Get a grip’ message sent on A38 Derby expansion legal battles

Derbyshire Live readers have been debating the ongoing legal battle over the controversial GBP250 million A38 expansion[1] in Derby. The ambitious scheme, which plans to transform the A38 from four to six lanes and introduce a range of infrastructure improvements, has been met with resistance from groups worried about the environmental repercussions. The Stop the A38 expansion campaign group[2] and Government officials[3] will be making legal arguments during the hearing about the proposed GBP250 million project - which if given the go-ahead will see the route expand around the three junctions at Little Eaton, Markeaton and Kingsway and the construction of flyovers and underpasses.

The argument has entered the High Court, but it could be weeks or months until a decision is made. The scheme has been in and out of the courts since 2021, frustrating many on both sides. Commenter Phantom123 wrote: "8.30 in the morning, traffic queues from A38 roundabout at Staker Lane northbound to Kingsway roundabout, similar length of queues from Little Eaton roundabout to Markeaton Island.

This is 5 days a week, every week!! Anybody who thinks this is acceptable is taking drugs! We have to get this road layout updated without further delay and cost, dragging this through the courts pandering to the misguided minority."

Reader Sporty agrees: "Absolutely they want to note the objection and then carry on. How can a minority hold up something for the masses?" Stephenjohn said: "It needs to be built, don't listen to the tree huggers, some of those people are not in the real world, it's only going to get worse. I hope all those protesting don't use a car or that would be hypocritical!!

Tree huggers maybe, for goodness sake this is to speed up travel rather than the mess we have now at 3 major junctions. Please get a grip, unless you want us to be sat in our cars with engines running at these junctions waiting to move. Is that what you mean by good for the environment."

DerbyJim replied: "Why would it be hypocritical? You can still use a car and not want the A38 junction works to take place. I crossed over Markeaton Island on the A52 at lunchtime today.

No hold ups at all. Smarter use of the infrastructure rather than designing for the peak flows is a better use of the roads." WhingeBag commented: "I thought it was a done deal.

Some nice houses near the park have already been bought out and are boarded up." Stupidboy said: "Can only assume the people who don't want it live nearby. It'd be madness not to do it, personally, I'd like to see the A38 extended all the way to the motorways, both ways. We should be planning for the future not obstinately living in the past."

User Itsnotcouldof wrote: "Assuming it goes ahead, it'll be years of misery for locals and commuters alike whilst it gets built. Whilst I don't necessarily disagree with the environmental impact, I don't see anyone offering viable alternatives to the route, bridges and so on. "Short of ripping up the green belt to completely bypass Derby from say the back of Mickleover through Radbourne, Quarndon, Duffield and the other side of Little Eaton/Kilburn (which is a ridiculous idea), I don't see any other alternatives for the A38. The traffic at peak times on Kingsway and Little Eaton is horrendous and already adds tons of carbon emissions and it's getting worse, so a laissez-faire attitude isn't going to help either." Garden is rosey commented: "Money could be better used, the scheme is simply not worth the money, why do we need speed all the while, just relax, we are not here for long."

Macabethiel looks at the environmental aspect: "At present there must be excessive polution caused by traffic congestion on every weekday. The carbon argument will be short lived when we are all driving electric vehicles. Just looking at the Markeaton end there are certainly not a thousand trees to be lost.

Here is a novel idea - plant some more. As usual you have a few opponents to the scheme stopping progress." What other roadways in Derbyshire could do with an upgrade?

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