Construct IT and Wienerberger build on strong foundations with new nationwide 4-year contract award.

From the Ground Up: Construct IT and Wienerberger build on strong foundations with new nationwide 4-year contract award. Construct IT are delighted to announce the award of a significant increase of contracted volume with Wienerberger, the world's largest brick manufacturer, for 2024. The contract, a milestone in the young history of Construct IT, has been awarded on a 4-year basis with an option to extend for a further 12 months; a testament to the partnership that has been built with Wienerberger since the relationship began in 2021.

Amarat Gill, Operations Director at Construct IT, says: "Our intention after our initial 3-year contract award was to grow our partnership and demonstrate the benefits Construct IT could provide to Wienerberger and their customers, through a reliable and safe service, delivered primarily using an own fleet solution. Starting initially with volume solely from Sandown and more recently the newly opened Teesport depot, we are thrilled to now be supporting Wienerberger from nearly all their factory and port locations nationwide.

Throughout the past 3 years we have worked collaboratively to share mutual benefits and best practice, and this has been recognised in our two partnership award shortlists at the Motor Transport & Supply Chain Excellence Awards respectively. Looking ahead to the future, we are keen to continue working in the same way, to further develop our safety, technology, and sustainability objectives". Construct IT operate a growing fleet of Renault Trucks in a mixture of MOL and Trailer combinations, priding themselves on the own fleet solution they can provide, giving them and their customers more control and a more consistent level of service.

Michael Clews, Logistics Operations Manager at Wienerberger, commented: "At Wienerberger we are delighted to continue our strategic working partnership with Construct IT with a new and increased contractual award.

Construct IT have brought to Wienerberger fantastic service levels always in excess of 99% OTIF - even in peak demand periods.  In this new award we are delighted to welcome Construct IT to new depots such as Warnham, Ewhurst, Purfleet, Ipswich, Tilbury, Todhills, Waresley, Kingsbury and Hartlebury - building on their impressive record at Sandown and their superb collaboration work during the opening of our newest despatch point - Teesport.  Construct IT bring to Wienerberger the highest standards of Health and Safety excellence as well as aligning with our strategic aims for innovation and sustainability with some exciting projects currently in the pipeline.

We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Construct IT over the new contractual period and beyond."