Collins Earthworks fits Brigade Electronics cameras to new electric fleet to ensure vehicle safety

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15:00 Fri 24th May 2024 | Posted By UKHAULIER

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Leading earthmoving and civil projects contractor Collins Earthworks has invested in four new hi-tech, five-camera systems from Brigade Electronics for the newest additions to its fleet. The investment comes as the Derbyshire-based company makes great strides to move towards a greener fleet and reduce its carbon footprint while ensuring protection and peace of mind for its drivers inside the silent vehicles. Its four new Volvo FMX electric trucks are the first all-electric trucks to join Collins' 130-strong fleet.

In total the Brigade system has been fitted on the 11 most recent additions to the Collins transport fleet. Workshop Transport Manager Richard Williams said the company plans to install the cameras on all new fleet vehicles going forward to ensure the safety of its drivers and fellow road users. The decision follows a number of collisions in which other drivers have driven into the side of Collins vehicles.

With no footage of the collisions the company has found itself struggling to make claims against the other parties. Richard said the advantage of Brigade's five-camera system is the visibility it provides, with the cameras fixed on both sides of the vehicles as well as at the front and back of the cab and the back of the trailer. "This is a big step for us," said Richard. "Previously we used reversing cameras but this five-camera system from Brigade is much better for our needs. "Using a SIM card the system records and live streams the footage of all vehicle movements on to a dashboard which can be monitored at Collins' Earthworks HQ." He added: "We embrace new technology and in particular anything which helps improve safety in our operations." Richard said prior to installing the system any Collins vehicle involved in an accident while out on UK roads would have to be transported back to Ripley in Derbyshire for inspection.

He said: "This isn't always practical when you consider our vehicles might be 130 miles away at another location.

"With live streaming we can look at the event, while the vehicle is still fully operationalelsewhere, without calling it back here and creating unnecessary downtime." Richard added: "The five-camera system is supported by Brigade's SideScan system and left-turn indication on our vehicles to further enhance safety, particularly with the push on pedestrian and cycle safety.

Our aim is to integrate all the information from these systems on to one dashboard and one system and Brigade is supporting us as we make this transition. "An added advantage is the technical support offered by Brigade in the event of problems." The need for the system has come about as Collins Earthworks moves to a greener fleet of electric vehicles to reduce its carbon emissions.