Specialist Environmental Services for Construction

Boasting a nationwide network of depots and an expansive team in excess of 180 skilled individuals, Tardis Environmental supports construction clients across the country.  Known best for the provision of high quality, portable toilets for the construction industry, Tardis Environmental (est.

1991) is a multifaceted environmental services company with expansive capabilities. Attuned to the needs of the modern construction site, the company has developed a range of complementary services, including: waste tanker services (including fabrication capabilities), water services, and portable toilet hire and servicing to provide an environmentally-oriented service that addresses water supply and usage on the modern construction site.

Tardis Environmental feature in T&L issue 262.

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Although it may be imminently obvious, the greatest strength of Tardis Environmental comes from its acute understanding of the construction sector and how value can be created for industry clients. Both in the provision of service itself and acclimatisation to the very safety-oriented nature of the construction field, Tardis Environmental is able to effortlessly work in harmony alongside construction clients while both supporting and predicting their emerging needs. With particular note to the safety element, the company notably also ensures its drivers undertake training alongside client teams so that they are fully exposed to the work involved and associated risks.  

As an organisation providing environmental services to the market, it also goes without saying that Tardis Environmental takes its environmental commitments incredibly seriously. Beyond having a positive sustainability impact on client operations, the firm has also invested quite heavily into mitigating its own impact. In particular, the company is a keen investor into renewable energy and has made a conscious effort to operate off-the-grid wherever and whenever possible. 

We spoke with Robin Boydon, Director of Tardis Environmental to learn a little more about the sustainability investments made to-date and how intrinsic these are to the culture of the business: "We've recently had huge solar systems fitted at our main depots, at Telford, and at Warsall. Any site that can accommodate that has now had it. We are pretty much self-sufficient at our Telford site as a result, since the installations are so big that we don't need to draw anything from the grid; that includes the HGV workshop, offices, yard area, and units.

So, as a business, with our name including 'environmental', it's not just about the work we carry out but also the actions we take." With regard to sustainability improvements across the fleet, Tardis Environmental does regularly update and renew its vehicles and has recently undertaken trials for HVO utilisation across the fleet. Recognising the potential of HVO to make an immediate impact on the firm's carbon emissions and the present-day complications around electrification, Robin is seemingly confident in the use of HVO as a means to drive environmental efficiencies in the coming years. 

Concerning the future, Tardis Environmental does indeed have ambitious growth plans off the back of relatively sustained growth ever since its inception.

That said, the company is adamant on ensuring that service standards and upheld and will likely continue a path of sustainable growth rather than aggressive commercial expansion.

We look forward to reporting further on the company's growth trajectory as and when we learn more. 

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