M6 and M54 closure warning to drivers

Motorists have been warned of closures happening tonight on the motorway network. There will be full carriageway closures in place on the M6 and M54[1] for resurfacing works. National Highways has advised motorists that diversions will be in place for those affected.

A full carriageway closure is happening on the M6 southbound between Junction 12, Cannock[2], and Junction 10 Walsall[3]. Another one will take place on the M54 eastbound between Junction 1, Featherstone, and Junction 10a, M6 interchange. Both closures will take place between 9pm tonight, April 28, until 6am tomorrow, April 29.

Get breaking news on BirminghamLive WhatsApp[5], click the link to join For both closures, National Highways warned: "Carriageway, slip road and lane closures for resurfacing works. Diversion via National Highways and local authority network."

There will be further closures on the M6 on Monday night, April 29. There will be a full carriageway closure of the M6 southbound between J10, Walsall, and J8, M5 interchange, between 9pm and 6am on Tuesday, April 30. The Junction 10 and Junction 9 entry slip roads onto the southbound carriageways will also be closed.

The closures will be in place for resurfacing works too.


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