Harbour Air Moving Forward with Transition to Electric Engines

In the coming years Harbour Air will transform it's fleet of seaplanes to e-planes. North America's largest seaplane airline signed a Letter of Intent with magniX to purchase 50 of its electric engines. Harbour Air calls it a "significant step" in electrifying its fleet for sustainable aviation.

CEO Bert van der Stege says agreement underscores their "commitment to revolutionize commercial aviation with electric propulsion and to pave the way for cleaner, quieter, and more efficient air travel."

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A part of that vision is the development of a sustainable aviation hub on the west coast, providing electrification conversions and services to 3rd parties.

The single eBeaver that is being tested has completed 78 flights using an electric engine.

Harbour Air is hoping to have commercial certification of their first electric aircraft by 2026 and plans to convert additional aircraft and offer third-party conversions.