Plans for illuminated LED sign near Haydock Island roundabout

The application, sent to the council by Alight Media, seeks consent for the display on land adjacent the highway verge, opposite the Shell Service Station. Plans state the application site is located "at the edge of a sliver of woodland that overlooks the Haydock Island Roundabout where the A580 East Lancashire trunk road meets the M6 motorway". The proposal seeks to install "a single LED display unit" which "will display static poster images with no animation or special effects".

The display surface will be three metres high and six metres wide. Plans say the screen would be turned off between the hours of 11pm and 6am. READ > Decision set to be made on Parkside employment units[1]

A planning statement in the application adds: "Haydock Island a highly traversed and well-lit roadway, the ambient effect of the proposal is sufficiently contained, in accordance with the guidance set out by the Institute of Lighting Practitioners "During the daytime, the illumination will be adjusted by light sensors to make the image visible but not overly bright in the ambient light". It adds: "Motorists taking due care and attention should be able to absorb the simple posters displayed, which will consist of familiar formats and advertisements seen elsewhere on other displays across the region."

The application is on standard public consultation until Tuesday, March 19.

A decision is expected by April 18.


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