Tesla is upgrading the Cybertruck’s electric motor

Tesla Cybertruck powertrain

Tesla is now upgrading the Cybertruck's electric motor with a more "efficient and reliable" motor.

Tesla has started to contact some early Cybertruck owners to tell them that they will change their electric drivetrain. The automaker says that it is about conducting a study of early Cybertrucks. At select owners' next service visit, Tesla will change one of their drive units for free.

Tesla says that the new drive unit has "improved efficiency and reliability." The automaker didn't specify it is specifically the front or motor that will be replaced. All Cybertrucks currently have at least two motors.

Tesla specifies that the current drive unit is not dangerous to drive - making it sound like this new upgraded version is simply a more refined version of the electric motor. Deliveries of Cybertruck started late last year. Automakers generally launch new versions of a vehicle program in a new model year, but Tesla prefers to implement change whenever they are ready for production.

Electrek's Take

It could be as simple as Tesla finding some optimization through reviews of early Cybertrucks, and now the automaker is binging back some of its early motors to see if it can find further optimizations.

However, it could also be Tesla finding a problem with the existing drivetrain, and this is a soft start of the retrofiting program. I'm not leaning more one way than another. We should learn more in the next few weeks as owners get the new drive units at their next service visit.

With that said, while Tesla does plenty of internal testing, the automaker is known to often launch vehicles incomplete and upgrade them after launch.

For example, the Cybertruck doesn't even have all the ADAS features that it sold with.

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