Pall-Ex Members Bullet Express and Intercounty Distribution Aid in Restoration of Iconic British Ship, TS Queen Mary

Bullet Express and Intercounty Distribution, members of the palletised freight distribution network, Pall-Ex , have joined forces to support the restoration of the iconic British ship, TS Queen Mary, by facilitating the delivery of her original rudder from Glasgow to Cornwall. This critical component was transported to Wills Ridley for a full inspection, culminating in a condition report and a proposal for repair. Recognising the significance of this precious cargo, specialised packaging was developed to ensure the rudder's safety during transit.

Fellow Pall-Ex member, Rhino Express Solutions sister company Rhino Export Packing designed and created a bespoke crate to minimise the risk of damage. The transportation of the rudder was conducted free of charge to support the charity, Friends of TS Queen Mary. An organisation dedicated to restoring the iconic ship who will not only carry passengers but also serve as a skills and training cadet ship for young people.

Bullet Express has a longstanding involvement with the charity, previously assisting with equipment storage for the restoration. CEO David McCutcheon has attended several meetings to offer his support to the charity's endeavours. Of the delivery, he says: "We are thrilled to be part of such an historic project and are happy we've been able to play a small part in the restoration of TS Queen Mary.

We look forward to seeing the ship back in active service once more." This delivery highlights the advantages of using a network like Pall-Ex, which enabled members to collaborate effectively and ensure the safe transit of such an historically important item. By working together, they are contributing to a monumental effort that will help restore the ship to its former glory.

Kevin Buchanan, CEO of the Pall-Ex Group, said: "This was a special delivery to be a part of, and we applaud our members for their professionalism and due diligence in ensuring a safe transit. It's deliveries like these that showcase the importance of our network and the lasting partnerships it creates." By 2015, the deterioration of TS Queen Mary was severe, and she was on the verge of being scrapped, Friends of TS Queen Mary intervened at the last moment, saving her from being dismantled.

On March 11, 2022, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, delivered a keynote address announcing the charity's intention to return Queen Mary to service.