Italy eyes paperless road freight as 36th country to join e-CMR

Italy has officially ratified e-CMR, the digital protocol to the United Nations CMR convention for international road goods transport.

The e-CMR protocol entered into force in Italy last week, providing a legal foundation for fully paperless goods transport by road. The move from paper-based to fully digital consignment notes will improve the efficiency and safety of goods transport across Italy and ultimately into neighbouring countries. By eliminating paperwork, e-CMR[1] lowers handling costs, eliminates administrative and invoicing delays, and reduces discrepancies at delivery sites.

e-CMR also enhances transparency and security across the entire logistics chain, providing more accurate data to trace shipments with real-time access to pick-up and delivery information.

The e-CMR standard will enable Italian logistics firms to offer more efficient services to domestic and international clients.

IRU and its members will continue to promote e-CMR as an important tool to improve the speed, efficiency and security of trade and logistics.


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