New home in historic trade centre for Freeport Company

New home in historic trade centre for Freeport Companyl-r: Greg Lacey, head of property (Humber) and Simon Green, CEO Humber Freeport to Grimsby (Image credit: ABP)

Humber Freeport Company has located its headquarters in the grade II-listed Grimsby Dock Office in a move hailed by Associated British Ports (ABP). The Freeport expands across the Humber including ABP's four major ports of Grimsby, Goole, Hull, and Immingham. It offers a range of incentives relating to customs, tax, planning, infrastructure, and innovation.

Tax benefits are available to investors at the Freeport's three tax sites of Hull East, Goole and Able Humber Port. Greg Lacey, head of property for ABP in the Humber, said: "The Humber Freeport is a fantastic opportunity for the UK to attract new inward investment from both international and domestic businesses. "We have several complementary development sites across the North and South Bank, all of which have their own USPs and the ability to attract transformational projects to the region.

What is also exciting, is the opportunity for the development sites to play a vital part in the Humber's transformation to green energy and decarbonisation." He added: "We welcome Simon and the Humber Freeport Company team to Grimsby, which is the customs zone of the Freeport, and located close to the offices of North East Lincolnshire Council, which is the accountable body for Humber Freeport." Simon Green, chief executive of Humber Freeport, said: "This is another significant landmark for Humber Freeport, giving us a base in the heart of the region from which to drive further investment.

"Large-scale developments with a total value of more than GBP1bn have already been announced for freeport sites in the Humber, demonstrating how attractive our proposition is for inward investors.

"That investment in turn creates skilled jobs for local people, broadening our region's supply chain while driving innovation and economic growth."



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