Financial Guide for England Fans at Euro 2024


  • Tickets for England's Group Stage matches range from EUR30 to EUR400, with no discounts or free entry for children.
  • Travelling on German motorways is free, but be cautious of speeding fines of up to 800 euros, especially in built-up areas.
  • Budgeting for a trip to attend all three of England's Group Stage matches could cost around GBP2,500, so plan accordingly.

Ahead of the Euro[1] 2024[2] in Germany[3] this summer, here is an in-depth financial guide for England[4] fans travelling to watch Gareth Southgate's team. This ranges from the cost of travel to hotel advice, daily life and match tickets. The Three Lions start their Euro campaign on 16th June against Serbia, followed by Denmark on 20th June and finally 2010 World Cup opponents Slovenia on 25th June.

English fans will be hoping that they can get further in the tournament and travel to other venues across Germany in July. So, here is what supporters can expect when going to Gelsenkirchen, Frankfurt, and Cologne for the group stage matches, along with financial tips to make the trip even more enjoyable. The useful suggestions on how to spend your money and budget effectively when in Germany have been provided by an expert at Conotoxia.

Match Tickets

Jude Bellingham Foden

Tickets for all three of England's group stage matches rapidly sold out, with members of the England Supporters Travel Club[5] gaining priority in the ballot.

The cost of tickets for the first three games ranged between EUR30 and EUR400, which can be translated to around GBP36 to GBP364. UEFA has urged fans going to the tournament that buying tickets on the secondary market is ill-advised. They have also insisted that all official tickets are digital, with no option to print them at home.

Every ticket will be distributed through the UEFA Tickets mobile app, with unauthorised sales from third parties, websites or agencies strictly prohibited. Robert Blaszczyk, Head of Strategic Clients Department at Conotoxia, added: "For football lovers, the prices were not an obstacle. The system informs that all tickets have already been sold out.

Although there are still offers to buy on other websites, UEFA draws attention to the risky nature of such transactions." If England qualify for the knockout stages of the competition, then ticket prices will become much more expensive. In the latter stages of Euro 2024, the cheapest ticket inside the stadium on average will cost GBP7 extra, while the most expensive seats will cost an additional GBP433.50 in comparison to the Three Lions' group stage games.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive tickets will be in the final, with some priced up to EUR2,000, which is over GBP1,700. Scheduled England Matches at UEFA Euro 2024 Match

Stage of Competititon Venue Kick-Off Time (UK time)

Serbia vs England Group Stage Arena AufSchalke, Gelsenkirchen

8pm Denmark vs England Group Stage

Waldstadion, Frankfurt

5pm England vs Slovenia Group Stage

RheinEnergieStadion, Cologne


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Cost of Travel

Southgate (1)

There are 10 venues hosting matches at Euro 2024.[7] These are Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, and Stuttgart. Throughout the tournament, it is estimated that half a million people will attend these stadiums.

In terms of travelling to the venues, it is useful for England fans to know that it is free of charge to travel on German motorways. Unlike England, there are no toll gates on motorways, but speed limits must be taken seriously, especially when driving in cities and towns. Conotoxia noted that speeding in built-up areas of Germany can result in a fine of up to 800 euros, which is nearly GBP700.

Petrol is also slightly more expensive in Germany than in England. A litre of basic petrol will normally cost you slightly over GBP1.6. In terms of car renting, it is typically around 25 euros per day (just under GBP22), but if this is not seen as a feasible option, train travel is easily accessible.

Euro 2024 ticket holders have a range of travel benefits, including a 36 Hour Travel Pass for public transport.[8] A Fan Pass will be given to fans with tickets on 3rd June and will give them free travel on trains within the host cities and on slower services within the region. It is important to note that this pass doesn't include IC (InterCity), ICE (InterCity Express), or EC (EuroCity) trains. These trains will provide long-distance services between cities, which will require fans to buy a DB Ticket Euro 2024.

UEFA suggest that supporters plan their journey on the DB Website[9] or DB Navigator App[10] website to see what is the most cost-effective way to travel across the city during the tournament. List of Euro 2024 Venues City

Stadium Capacity Berlin

Olympiastadion Berlin

70,000 Cologne Cologne Stadium

47,000 Dortmund BVB Stadion Dortmund

66,000 Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Arena

47,000 Frankfurt Frankfurt Arena

48,000 Gelsenkirchen Arena AufSchalke

50,000 Hamburg Volksparkstadion Hamburg

50,000 Leipzig Leipzig Stadium

42,000 Munich Munich Football Arena

67,000 Stuttgart Stuttgart Arena


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Daily Life - Budgeting and Currency Advice

In terms of the cost of eating at restaurants and visiting bars and pubs in Germany[12], Blaszczyk has calculated how much English fans can expect to spend while visiting cities across the country this summer. He said: "The cost of living in Germany is slightly lower than in the UK, especially when it comes to shopping, but not so much when we talk about restaurants, bars and pubs.

For a meal for two in a medium-standard restaurant, you must spend around 60 EUR, roughly 52 pounds, and 4 euros (3.5 GBP) for a coffee or a small beer. A meal at a fast food chain costs an average of 10 euros (8.7 pounds). Supporters have to brace themselves for much higher prices for drinks and snacks in the stadiums and the areas around them.

A taxi ride of several kilometres will also be around 10 EUR. A single metro ticket in Berlin costs 3.5 euros (3 GBP)." Setting a budget for the whole trip depends on how many matches you are planning to attend.

For supporters going to one game with two tickets costing around GBP87, along with flights, accommodation in a flat, and GBP200 for food and souvenirs, two fans can expect a budget of just under GBP1100. However, if you are planning to attend all three group stage matches and spend 10 to 11 days in Germany, the cost of the whole trip could rise to around GBP2,500. In terms of planning your budget and exchanging currency before your trip, Blaszczyk added the following advice:

"Is it worth exchanging pounds for euros before your Euro 2024 trip to Germany? It is not the best idea to do this at border exchange offices or airports. A multi-currency card seems to be a much more convenient, advantageous and faster way to pay abroad.

It can be topped up regularly, keeping your spending in check and protecting your funds from possible theft or loss, but it can also be used to withdraw money from ATMs. Cash may prove useful, for example, in some German bars, restaurants or bakeries, where it is not possible to pay by card."

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Philipp Lahm posing next to the Euro 2024 trophy

The cost of accommodation in German cities will be much more expensive while the tournament takes place from 14th June to 14th July. The distance from the city centre and the standard of accommodation will dictate the price.

England's first match against Serbia[14] is in Gelsenkirchen, and a two-night stay for two people in a hotel or apartment in the city will cost supporters around 400 euros. For fans looking for a cheaper option, staying in a low-cost hostel will cost around GBP150. Before booking accommodation somewhere, it is worth researching smaller towns or suburbs close to where all three matches will take place.

Using travel services that compare the prices of different flats, hotels, and hostels in similar areas will help you find the best value for money in all three cities for England's group stage games. Kate Mann of The Independent provided an in-depth guide in April 2024, detailing where to stay in Germany for Euro 2024[15]. This includes tips for affordable accommodation in Gelsenkirchen, Frankfurt and Cologne, as well as the other host cities.

Recommended Hotels/Accommodation in Gelsenkirchen Hotel Proximity to Stadium

Address ibis Styles Hotel Gelsenkirchen

4 miles Ringstrasse 1 3, 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Heiner's Parkhotel

2.6 miles Am Bugapark 1D, 45899 Gelsenkirchen, Germany Schloss Berge

0.7 miles

Adenauerallee 103, 45894 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

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