Woman ‘traumatised’ after car bursts into flames

"The whole experience has traumatised me", Rhian Graham added.

"It was lucky that I was stopped, and the two men saw the fire in time.

"My daughter is 27 and has Downs Syndrome - I keep getting flashbacks of what would have happened if the flames had appeared when I was driving down the motorway, and she was in the car with me."

Firefighters at the scene said it was difficult to immediately know what caused the fire as the front of the petrol-engined car was so badly damaged.

Ms Graham bought the car new in July 2022 - less than two years ago - and says the manufacturer, Vauxhall, should now investigate.

Vauxhall said its customer relations team had received no contact from the vehicle owner.

A spokesperson added: "There are no such known issues with this model and we would welcome contact from the customer to discuss their situation with them directly."