UK on track to hit 100,000 public charge points by summer 2025

The UK is on track to hit 100,000 public electric vehicle (EV) charge points by August 2025, after hitting yet another milestone. New data on charge point installations across the UK from Zapmap shows that the country has surpassed 60,000 public charging points. Operated by Chargy, the 60,000th charging device was installed on Natal Road, a residential street in Streatham, London.

The latest charge point milestone illustrates a significant acceleration in the rate of installation, with the UK reaching 50,000 chargers in October 2023[1]. The overall rate of installation in the first four months of 2024 has increased by almost 37% compared with the average across 2023. The first four months of the year have seen an average of more than 1,900 devices installed every month, up from the 2023 average of 1,400 per month.

Melanie Shufflebotham, co-founder and chief operating officer at Zapmap, said: "Hitting 60,000 public charging devices is an extremely significant milestone for electric car drivers across the country. "This is really just the crest of the wave.

There's a real momentum behind the increased rate of charge point installations up and down the country. "Without a doubt, it is great news for electric car drivers that not only the sheer number but also the variety of charging options are improving every month." April's milestone has been driven by particularly strong growth in two key areas of the country's charge point infrastructure.

For instance, Zapmap's statistics show that the number of ultra-rapid devices - designed for en-route charging - has increased by 135% since April 2023. There are now 4,988 of these devices across the country. Over the same time period, the number of low-powered devices on residential streets, used primarily for overnight charging, has increased by more than 54%.

Jade Edwards, head of insights at Zapmap, said: "It's fantastic to see that the strong pace of charger installations we saw last year is already being exceeded in 2024. "These latest figures show encouraging growth right across the charging spectrum, from the lowest-powered charge points at the end of your street through to the speediest ultra-rapids on the motorway. "With more than 135% growth in the number of the highest-powered chargers over the last year, and 343 high-powered charging hubs across the country at the end of April, the UK is well on the way to hitting 100,000 public charging devices in summer 2025."

John Lewis, CEO at Chargy, says that the 60,000th charge point is just one of many in the area designed to replicate the convenience of home charging for residents without driveways. "The early usage statistics for the newly installed charge point indicate strong residential demand," he said. "It already serves six local households and has powered over 1,200 zero-emission miles."

He added: "When everyday charging is convenient and affordable, electric cars become a viable option for everyone.

This is where we see on-street, hyper-local charging playing a crucial role.

"We look forward to partnering with more councils and developing networks that continue to accelerate the UK's transition to electric vehicles."


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