Tyson Fury’s failed retirement

Paris Fury[1] couldn't have been happier when husband Tyson Fury[2] hung up his boxing[3] gloves in 2022 - but her relief didn't last long. Following his April 2022 victory against Dillian Whyte[4], the Gypsy King declared he was 'going out with a bang', telling fans: "I fulfilled everything I've ever wanted to fulfil. I will retire as only the second heavyweight in history, after Rocky Marciano, to retire undefeated.

I was unbeatable at this game." His retirement was brief to say the least, however, and by December of that same year, Manchester-born Tyson was back in the ring, facing heavyweight Derek Chisora. A bout against Francis Ngannou[5] followed in October 2023 and, last Saturday (May 18), Tyson suffered the first loss of his career following nine tense rounds with undisputed heavyweight champ, Oleksandr Usyk.

And while Tyson, 35, appears intent on a rematch, concerned Paris has other ideas. Here, the Mirror[6] takes a look at Tyson's failed retirement, from tip runs to his wife's desperate pleas...

Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight now in doubt after Oleksandr Usyk defeat[7]

Taking bins out

First pics of Tyson Fury back home after his epic fight with Usyk in SaudiTyson and Paris headed out for a tip run on Monday (Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror)First pics of Tyson Fury back home after his epic fight with Usyk in SaudiHe appeared to be juggling tip duties with a pressing phone call (Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror)

Mere days into his short-lived retirement, Tyson was spotted sorting out his household bins with coach SugarHill Steward. Sharing footage of himself heaving bin bags into a truck via Instagram[8], Tyson said: "From 95,000 [sic] at Wembley, heavyweight championship of the world[9], to me and Sugar doing the bins.

"Straight back off the motorway, on our own, getting it done. Tip run for us. Get it there, Sugar, get up!"

This down-to-earth snapshot of Tyson's home life came just two days after he floored Dillian Whyte[10] with a spectacular uppercut. Speaking with TalkSport[11] after the fight, a triumphant Tyson revealed: "I've been in this game 20 years, I'm 34 in a few months. I said the third Wilder fight would be my last but I felt I owed the fans one last homecoming.

This is definitely the end of the Gypsy King and I went out with a bang. Tonight was amazing but this is the end." Following his most recent win, Tyson was spotted heading to the tip with bags of rubbish once again on Monday (May 20), while taking what appeared to be a pressing phone call.

Bonding with kids

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury with his wife Paris Fury and their six children - (far left) baby Athena; (back) Prince John James, Venezuela; (front) Prince Adonis Amaziah, Valencia Amber and Prince Tyson Fury II.Tyson spent his short-lived retirement bonding with his kids, and holding plenty of BBQs (TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED)

In the Netflix[12] series At Home With The Furys, fans saw an unexpected domestic side to 6ft 9in Tyson as he swapped out boxing bouts and showmanship for school runs, household chores, and quality family time.

Coach SugarHill Steward also offered an insight into Tyson's retirement during a 2022 interview with The Sun,[13] sharing: "I'm still talking to him most days but we don't talk boxing, he's too busy barbecuing steaks and washing his cars and spending time with the kids. "He worked so hard over the years so, to reach that pinnacle and retire at the top, you have to take your hat off to him. He's got himself a new trailer and he is going away with the family.

He is enjoying himself and I am happy about that." In a sweet pic shared in May 2022, father-of-seven Tyson and sons, Prince John James, Prince Tyson Fury[14] II, and Prince Adonis Amaziah, were seen wearing matching red 'Gypsy King' branded tracksuits. Showing the importance Tyson places on family time, the caption read: "The only things we truly have is moments in time, how will you spend yours?"

Following his recent loss, Tyson once again reiterated how much he enjoys bonding with his enormous brood, during an exclusive chat with the Mirror.[15] After flying back home to Morecambe on a GBP34million private jet, Tyson shared: "We punched f*** out of each other for 12 rounds. I'm going to go home, eat some food, drink some beers, have some family time, walk the dog, go to the tip. "Me and Frank Warren will discuss the future.

If there's going to be another fight - I think they're talking about October - then we'll rock and roll."

Plea from Paris

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury in Las Vegas with his wife Paris Fury.Paris fears that 'one shot could change everything' (TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED)

Worried wife Paris, who has previously expressed fears over Tyson's safety in an episode of At Home With The Furys, has made no secret of her desire for her husband to retire for good. As per TalkSport, Paris, 34, addressed the tricky topic ahead of her husband's win over Francis Ngannou[16] in October 2023. admitting: "I wanted him to retire a few years ago. He isn't doing it.

You saw it well documented on the [Netflix] documentary that he didn't enjoy it. He doesn't like being retired." Back in 2020, Paris exclusively told The Mirror:[17] "I'd like him to beat Anthony Joshua[18] and then stop.

He's in the ring with supreme boxers and it is a dangerous sport. We both know the risks. I know one shot can change everything." The mum-of-seven added: "Before a fight I get nervous, but he's really calm, he's always confident.

It's always 'when' he wins, not 'if'. Years ago I managed the nerves better because I knew he was fighting boxers at British or European level and I knew he was elite. Now he's in the ring with supreme boxers and it is a dangerous sport.

We both know the risks, but it's what he wants to do. I know one shot can change everything." Although sympathetic to his wife's anxieties, Tyson has explained his reasoning for carrying on with his boxing career, despite the dangers.

Speaking to Mail Sport[19] ahead of his fight, Tyson admitted that he understands where Paris is coming from, and empathises with her having to watch him fight amid fears for his life. The Gypsy King said: "It must be horrible knowing your husband can be killed in a fight and you've got six kids, seven in a minute, to look after on your own. That's got to be nerve-wracking.

"If Paris was going into something and I knew she could die at any moment in time, I would be nervous to. So, pretty daunting task looking death right between the two eyes every time you climb into a boxing ring. But it's something we get on with.

I earn a lot of money. I get danger money and I am well paid for it. We know the risk going in and it is what it is.

Nobody wants me to box anymore in my family. I've got too much to lose. But, it's something I like to do so the ball keeps rolling," he said.

Tyson previously confessed that he got 'bored' of retirement after just five months, during an interview with The Ring[20]. He stated: "I got bored with retirement. I had five months out of the ring and changed my mind.

Nobody believed me anyway, did they? It was great. But nothing will ever compare with being heavyweight champion of the world.

I love boxing. I absolutely adore it." Opening up about his current plans for the future at a recent post-fight press conference, Tyson reflected: "I'm not boxing[21] here because I've got no money.

I'm boxing because I love it. Do you understand? I'm 36 in a few months and I've been boxing since I've been a child so it is what it is.

Where does it all end? I'm not sure but the thing is, all the time I'm still loving the game, and I was having fun in there, I was really enjoying myself, then I'll continue to do it and when I can't do that anymore, I'll pack it up." Do you have a story to share?

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