Police stop driver on motorway and are left in disbelief when he shows his licence

Police on the M6 were gobsmacked when a driver they had pulled over handed them a driving licence with a photo of someone who looked nothing like him. The vehicle was stopped by officers in Staffordshire, who were eager to have a chat with the motorist. The routine check took an unexpected turn as the man presented 'his' licence for inspection, prompting a double-take from the officers due to the glaring mismatch.

The audacious driver had confidently passed the licence to the police, seemingly convinced he could pull the wool over their eyes. The traffic police were quick to point out that the chap in the photo card was a completely different individual, "about 20 stone heavier" than the driver. Upon being told of his impending arrest, the driver suddenly 'recalled' his actual name.

Further checks revealed the man was uninsured and he's now facing the consequences. The Central Motorway Policing Group (CMPG) took to social media to recount the bizarre encounter on the M6, reports Birmingham Live[1]. Their post read: "This vehicle was stopped on the M6 in Staffs.

The driver produced a pic of a foreign photo card licence of someone with a different skin colour and about 20 stone heavier than him.

When threatened with arrest he remembered his other name (real one).

He didn't have any insurance."


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