New BMW M5 teased: V8 super saloon is almost ready to debut

The new BMW M5 is getting closer, and it's been teased with no camouflage for the first time.

  • New BMW M5 teased ahead of reveal
  • Design rendered by Carwow
  • M5 estate confirmed
  • Plug-in hybrid V8 from the XM SUV likely
  • 748hp and 1,000NM on the cards
  • Set to arrive in the coming weeks

The new BMW M5[1] is nearly here, and it's been teased without camouflage for the first time. The Carwow team took a crack at rendering this Audi RS6 alternative last year, and it's been spotted out and about during testing a few times as well. It'll be the first M5 to use a plug-in hybrid[2] engine, likely to be shared with the BMW XM[3] SUV[4].

This seventh generation of the iconic super saloon was highly commended in the Carwow Awards[5] 2024 as one of the most highly anticipated cars coming this year.

New BMW M5 design teased

The BMW M5 is one of the most highly-anticipated new cars[6] coming this year, and a video showcasing the car's development features a brief glimpse of the super saloon with no camouflage. [embedded content] Admittedly it's just a blurry look at the front end, but you can get an idea of some of the styling changes over the standard 5 Series.

The M5 has a much deeper and more aggressive-looking lower bumper, and there are some additional air intakes off ot the side.

New BMW M5 teaser

Late last year the Carwow team took a collection of BMW M5 spy shots and used them to predict the final design. You can see plenty of similarities in the front-end design, including that massive air intake and the M-Sport grille.

New BMW M5 red front quarter

The wheel arches on this new M5 are also wider, just like on the new BMW M2[7] with its retro touring car-inspired bodykit. You also get new massive alloy wheels with sticky performance tyres, as well as lowered suspension.

New BMW M5 rear quarter

The rear end is also completely different to the standard 5 Series.

There's a massive rear diffuser and a lip spoiler on the boot lid to smooth airflow over the car. And you can't have a proper M car without four massive tailpipes can you?

New BMW M5 Touring

BMW has also confirmed that it will finally resurrect the M5 Touring with this new generation, something we haven't seen since the V10-powered E61 version of the mid-2000s. It's also been spotted testing on the Nurburgring and the face looks very similar to the design of the M5 in Carwow's renders.

You'll see the wider wheel arches from the saloon, as well as the contoured bonnet and lowered suspension.

There's some sporty alloy wheel designs too, while you'll see the two sets of dual exhausts for that additional sportiness.

You also get the estate back to make this super fast model very practical too - the ideal combination for many.

New BMW M5 plug-in hybrid engine

Long-standing M fans will be whipped up into a frenzy about the new BMW M5 going hybrid. Well, before you get your pitchforks out, this will have benefits beyond lowering emissions.

That benefit is added power. BMW won't follow in Mercedes' footsteps with a four cylinder engine, instead the new M5 will use the same 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 as the BMW XM SUV.

It highly likely to use that car's 197hp electric motor as well. [embedded content] The issue with using a hybrid system like this is that it adds a lot of weight, so the new M5 will have to have a lot of power to offer a significant performance upgrade over the current car.

The 653hp of the standard BMW XM probably won't cut it, so it's more likely to have the 748hp and 1,000Nm of torque from the XM Label Red. BMW could also give the new M5 a smaller battery than the XM to save some weight. The XM has a 25.7kWh battery, giving it 50 miles of range.

The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E-Performance has a tiny 6kWh battery with just seven miles of range, so BMW could go down this road with the new M5.

That's a good starting point for the new BMW M5, but there could also be Competition and CS versions in the future with even more power. Imagine this hybrid setup, but replace the Label Red's engine with the 635hp V8 from the current BMW M5 CS. That could yield over 830hp.

New BMW M5 interior and infotainment

The interior of the new BMW M5 hasn't been revealed yet, however you can expect it to have the same design as the 5 Series and i5, just jazzed up a bit with some M goodies.

The i5 M60 is a good starting point.

It has a sporty steering wheel with a red centre marker, as well as plenty of carbon fibre trim. The M5 could also get the same carbon-fibre bucket seats as the current BMW M3[8] and M4.

When will the new BMW M5 go on sale?

The BMW M5 will be revealed in the coming weeks. As for price, it's not likely to be cheap.

The most powerful 5 Series you can get currently is the i5 M60, and that car costs GBP98,000.

If the new M5 does borrow parts from the XM, you can expect it to cost between GBP100,000 and GBP150,000, and that's just the start. If BMW does make a Competition or CS version, that could be even more expensive than the XM Label Red, and that car costs more than GBP170,000. Keen on a BMW M5?

Take a look at deals on the current car or compare this super saloon to the Mercedes-AMG E63 or Audi RS6[9][10][11]


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