M5 speed variable cameras catch driver going ‘over 40mph’

Sally Ruddle, 60, was clocked speeding on the M5 in her Citroen between junctions 4a and 6 (Worcester). The case was heard at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday, April 25 after Ruddle of Sandown Drive, Chippenham, was caught on the northbound carriageway by variable speed limit cameras on September 30 last year. Court documents show she was travelling at a speed 'exceeding 40 miles per hour'.

A guilty plea was entered via the single justice procedure. Ruddle was fined GBP293, ordered to pay a victim surcharge of GBP117 and costs of GBP90. Her driving record was also endorsed with four penalty points.

A collection order was also made, giving magistrates additional powers to recover the money.