Funding approved for research into new M5 junction

The Teddington and Alstone A46 Advisory Group (TAAG) have long had concerns about what it would mean for the small villages in the area.

They believe the new road will come down the A435, significantly impacting the area.

Chair of the group Jan Mallett said if this were to happen it would "completely" change the "quality of our life".

"You're not just talking about a few extra cars, this is seen as a major trunk road," Ms Mallet said.

"You're talking noise, pollution, light pollution, safety, flooding."

The final route hasn't been decided yet but four different as-yet undisclosed proposals are being considered.

Cabinet member in charge of Environment and Planning, Councillor David Grey, said the public will be told more once the business case and routes are finalised.

"Whenever these big schemes are being brought forward, inevitably there are concerns and we perfectly understand that," he said.

"But I live near to junction 9 across at Winchcombe, and if I'm trying to get across to Tewkesbury that road is generally a disaster - so it is not the case we are ruining a perfect situation, it is already a problem."

The business case should be completed by the end of 2024 but the county council is unlikely to go back to the DfT for a formal funding bid until 2026.