Drivers warned swapping over halfway through journey could result in £2,500 fine

Mastering the rules of the road is vital if you want to keep yourself and other drivers[1] safe, but while some rules are obvious - others are far more obscure, and can often carry hefty fines. One of the several lesser-known rules has warned motorists that swapping drivers halfway through a journey could result in a GBP2,500 fine. This is because long car journeys can lead to fatigue and exhaustion, with UK authorities advising Brits to take 45-minute breaks after driving for four hours and 30 minutes.

This advice is typically aimed at HGV drivers who often drive for extended periods, reports Birmingham Live[2]. For regular car trips, it's common for couples or family members to share the driving on long journeys, provided they are properly insured. However, if someone takes over the wheel without being insured on the vehicle, they could face a GBP2,500 fine, as well as six to eight points on their licence.

Lorraine Kelly stuns in 'simple but elegant' Phase Eight sale dress in style of the season[3]Drivers should check which category their sunglasses are before getting behind the wheelUK authorities say Brits should take 45-minute breaks after driving for four hours and 30 minutes (Getty Images/Cavan Images RF)

Experts at Hippo Leasing have issued a warning about the risks of swapping drivers if they're not legally covered.

A spokesperson said: "If the car journey is a long one it's not uncommon for two people to share the driving load, swapping halfway between the destination to give each other a break. They continued: "If both drivers are insured to drive the car this is perfectly legal, however, if not this could land you with a GBP2,500 fine and six to eight points on your license. So, before agreeing to share the driving responsibilities, ensure they're included on your insurance first.

If you don't want this person to be insured on your car long-term, you can get temporary insurance for as little as an hour, week, or month." Hippo Leasing had previously warned drivers that playing an innocent game of 'I Spy' could lead to a GBP1,000 fine, as the game would take motorists' attention off the road, putting them at risk of losing control of the vehicle entirely. The motorway experts said: "Taking your eyes off the road to participate in the game could lead to losing attention of the traffic and road ahead, or worse, losing control of the vehicle entirely.

Failure to have proper control of the vehicle or full view of the road and traffic ahead carries a GBP1,000 fine and three points on your license."


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