The two M6 junctions where you will be caught speeding as 21 fined every day

There are two motorway junctions in the West Midlands where drivers are most likely to get caught speeding. Thousands of fines have been handed out to motorists who were captured going too fast at these hotspot locations on the M6. It should serve as a warning to the thousands of people who pass through these stretches of the M6 every day, one of the busiest road networks in Europe where average speed cameras are in operation.

Details were shared by West Midlands Police[1] following a freedom of information request about where on the motorways drivers are caught speeding. At the top of the list last year was the section between the M54 exit slip road near Wolverhampton and Junction 10 at Walsall[2], heading southbound. This is statistically the stretch of motorway where most people will get into trouble if doing over 70mph in our region.

Win tickets for you and three friends to see Elbow at Birmingham's Resorts World Arena Get the latest court and crime news direct via our WhatsApp community here[4] Last year, 2,540 offences were recorded at that location, around seven every day.

Another major hotspot for speeding fines is between Junctions 7 and 8 of the M6, northbound, near Great Barr. A total of 1,934 vehicles were recorded speeding here in 2023. It continues a trend from the last few years where these two sections of the M6 have seen the most motorists get done for speeding.

It looks set to be the same this year, with fines between Wolverhampton and Walsall set to surge past the 2023 total. During the first two months of 2024 alone, 996 speeding offences were recorded - 16 every day on average. Should that trend continue throughout the year, the final total would be close to 6,000.

Another 275 were fined in January and February between Junctions 7 and 8. Speeding offence totals were fairly low at other motorway junctions, the data showed. The only other one where the figure for 2023 was over 100 was on the M42,[5] southbound, between Junctions 7 and 6.

This is close to Birmingham Airport[6] and 517 motorists were fined there last year.


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