New Private Parking Code of Practice to enforce grace period for parking fines

Private car parks in the UK must abide by an all new set of rules, set to be implemented later this year. Championed by the British Parking Association (BPA), as well as the International Parking Community (IPC), the new 'Private Parking Code of Practice' aims to put more power in the hands of drivers with a single comprehensive set of 'parameters' that all private car parks must adhere to. The key points in the new code include a mandatory 10-minute grace period for parking charge notices (PCNs), a consistent set of signage and rules, a clear and transparent Appeals Charter for those challenging fines, plus the formation of a new 'oversight group' to make sure those managing parking on private land are following the rules.

Advertisement - Article continues below The BPA has emphasised that its new all-encompassing code of conduct will continue to fight the corner of Blue Badge holders. The parking trade association says it will continue to help clamp down on "those who choose to park selfishly, putting their own convenience above the needs or rights of others."

The all-new Private Parking Code of Practice is set to be fully published in June of this year, before being implemented later on in October. Private car parks will have until 2026 to bring their signage and other procedures in-line with the new rules, however, all new locations established from October will have to abide by the list of requirements. Those that don't comply risk expulsion from the BPA - a hefty punishment as membership is the only way to access the DVLA's KADOE service, which allows operators to track down vehicle keeper data and issue fines.

Chief executive of the BPA, Andrew Pester, said the implementation of a single industry-wide code of practice is "a crucial milestone as we work closely with Government, consumer bodies and others to deliver fairer and more consistent parking standards for motorists. We will continue to push for a positive outcome for all." The UK government originally compiled, then "temporarily" withdrew a code of practice for private car parks all the way back in 2022.

The BPA's new set of rules will supposedly implement the "key elements" of the government's original plan, with a commitment to update and maintain the code over time.

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