Coronation Street star confirms Call the Midwife future as he reveals reason for return to cobbles

Actor Chris Harper has confirmed his future on Call the Midwife as he's set to return to Coronation Street[1]. It's been confirmed that he's set to reprise the role of Nathan Curtis in the ITV[2] soap, the man who groomed Bethany Platt several years ago. Nathan was last seen in Weatherfield more than six years ago in person as he was imprisoned in 2017 after he groomed the then-teenager as part of a sex trafficking scheme.

However, it has actually been six years since he last appeared in the soap, as he was seen in a vision experienced by Bethany. But now, he's set to return, again in person, and it's Bethany, played by Lucy Fallon, who first spots him at the reconstruction of Lauren's last known movements and her mind is thrown into overdrive. Having initially thought Nathan was behind bars, she discovers he was released from prison some time ago and is working on a building site nearby.

Knowing his history, and his appetite for young girls, Bethany soon hits on the idea that Nathan could be behind Lauren's suspected murder. As Bethany throws all her eggs into Nathan's basket she's forced to confront her abuser once more as she determines to bring Lauren's attacker to justice. Speaking about Nathan now following his stint in prison, Chris said: "I really don't think prison has reformed him in the slightest, in some ways I think he's even more clever and more manipulative.

He's hardened, he's aware that he can take a kicking and he's aware of the advantages of getting other people into trouble so he plays people off against the law. "He's hardened, he's trickier, he's starting again so the stakes are higher for him because he knows if he makes one mistake he'll be back inside. He's furious at having got caught rather than being repentant."

Bethany's quick to accuse him of Lauren's murder, and Chris has shared how there are plenty of possibilities that Nathan could be behind her disappearance. "All the signs are there, the similarities in Lauren's behaviour before she disappeared, her vulnerability, all really ring bells with what Bethany went through," he said.

Chris is reprising the role of Nathan Curtis

"It wasn't so long ago that Bethany was at a petrol station on a motorway about to be smuggled over to Europe so we know that Nathan's ruthless and things could have been even worse for Bethany. I think if you watch that slippery slope you recognize the behaviour, you recognise the situation she was in and it could definitely be Nathan who's been involved in one way or another." Asked if the police start asking questions if he thinks Nathan will have the answers or if he a bit more wary of the police this time round compared to thinking he's above the law, Chris shared: "I think he feels if he doesn't make a mistake he won't get caught again.

He still feels like he's above the law, that he can out think it and out work it. He thinks on his feet and he believes his charm is irrepressible. He's deluded but he thinks he's safe as long as he stays clever."

Since leaving Corrie, fans may have seen Chris appearing in Call the Midwife as Geoffrey Franklin. He made his latest appearance in the much-loved BBC[5] One dram's season 13 finale after his sister Trixie Franklin's husband Matthew Aylward moved to New York. But fans of the show needn't worry about his exit from Poplar.

Speaking about what he's been working on while he's been away, Chris said: "I'm delighted to say that I'm Geoffrey in Call the Midwife, Trixie's lovely brother who is a ray of sunshine and one of life's fixers and good people so he's an absolute joy to play.

If they say the devil gets the best tunes then Geoffrey gets the witches lines so I really love playing him.

I'm in the Christmas[6] special this year, so we'll be seeing Geoffrey again."


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