Cop dash cam shows dramatic arrest of ‘absolute idiot’ doing 136mph on M6 following chase

A serial dangerous driver rammed a police car in a futile bid to evade capture during a 136 mph midnight chase on the M6. Young father, Aidan Frank Naylor, continued to drive when his tyres were deflated by a stinger. He was finally stopped when police spun round his stolen Volkswagen Golf and an officer drew a Taser.

Naylor, from Bolton, who already had two previous convictions for dangerous driving later admitted: "I was an absolute idiot." Today (Tuesday), he was given another immediate jail sentence and a seven-year driving ban. Officers received reports of a stolen vehicle being driven south on the motorway near Carlisle late on March 28. A sergeant positioned his vehicle on a hard shoulder while colleagues lay in wait further south, near Penrith.

That sergeant then began following the Golf - driven by 28-year-old Naylor = as it passed him. The sergeant hit more than 100mph to make up ground on the Golf, which slowed as Naylor apparently saw marked police vehicles ahead, and then activated blue lights in a bid to stop it. "The Golf has accelerated to just under 100mph and proceeded on the M6," prosecutor Ben Stanley told Carlisle Crown Court. A stinger device was deployed.

"It has crossed the stinger and accelerated to 136mph before then braking. The Golf has entered the hard shoulder and returned to lane one." Naylor evaded attempts to box in the Golf and drove on towards junction 40, where a police vehicle was positioned to prevent it leaving the M6. "The Golf rammed into the offside of the vehicle," Stanley added.

That, he said, was 'an attempt to force it off the motorway'.

Aidan Frank Naylor

Police then used 'tactical contact', which turned the Golf 180 degrees and brought it to a halt after an eight-minute incident. "An officer approached the defendant and drew a Taser," added Mr Stanley. Naylor, of Greenhead Walk, Bolton[2], was arrested and made no comment when interviewed. During a first magistrates' court hearing, he pleaded guilty to dangerous driving; driving while disqualified; driving with no insurance; and possessing a Class B drug. "The defendant was found to have three buds of cannabis in a pocket," Mr Stanley told the court.

The court heard Naylor had three previous convictions for dangerous driving. Two were recorded in 2019 and a third in 2022 when he was given a 12-month jail term and banned from driving for five years. His lawyer, Sophie Johnstone, conceded of the M6 incident: "This is undoubtedly very, very serious offending.

This defendant is acutely aware of the likely outcome. He is under no illusions about how dangerous and irresponsible his conduct was on this evening. His actions could have been fatal.

Fortunately they were not. In the defendant's own words, which I'm sure he won't mind me sharing with the court, he was an 'absolute idiot'." Naylor is father to a son aged two and an eight-year-old daughter, Ms Johnstone said.

She added: "The children no doubt will be affected should the court impose an immediate custodial sentence today." But it was conceded that Naylor had 'little regard for his children' on the night of his latest criminal conduct. He had let his partner down but, according to a probation officer's report, had latterly shown insight into his wrongdoing during an assessment described as 'open and honest'.

"He admits he was stupid," said the lawyer, who referred to Naylor's troubled upbringing and problematic mental health. The loss of his father had sent him on a downward spiral, the court also heard. Naylor was given an immediate 14-month jail term by Judge Michael Fanning.

"You were 'stingered' so that the tyres deflated, continuing to try to out-drive pursuing police officers who were very concerned about the manner of your driving, without tyres on the front two wheels," said the judge as he outlined Naylor's 'crassly irresponsible' conduct. Of his past dangerous motoring convictions, Judge Fanning told Naylor: "If you carry on driving in the way you are driving, the risks to you are very significant indeed. You are absolutely no use to friends, family, children, partner, if you're dead.

That's the way this could have ended up. It was a prolonged, persistent, deliberate course of driving. This kind of driving will always attract immediate imprisonment."

Naylor must complete a seven-year driving ban when released from custody, and pass an extended re-test before his licence is returned.


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