Northampton drivers turn to Google as personal safety innovator sheds light on road safety

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Across the entirety of the UK there are close to 23K total monthly searches on Google[2] related to speed cameras (14,800) and limits (8,100). Among the most common are 'do speed cameras flash' (1.6K), 'can speed cameras catch you from the front' (810), and 'what speed limit on dual carriageway' (1.3K). In addition to this, and perhaps more worryingly, drivers are also looking for answers to questions on mobile phone use while driving.

With total monthly searches in the thousands, road users are looking for answers on 'using mobile phone while driving' (1.3K), 'phone while driving laws' (210) and 'can you touch your phone while driving' (70). In order to better clarify the rules of the road when it comes to speed and mobile phone use, OOONO A/S[3], a leading provider of personal safety technology, remains committed to enhancing driver awareness and promoting safer roads and have developed a series of useful tips for Northampton[4] drivers struggling to navigate the roads safely. Speed Cameras

Mobile phone use whilst driving can result in 6 penalty points and a GBP200 fineMobile phone use whilst driving can result in 6 penalty points and a GBP200 fineMobile phone use whilst driving can result in 6 penalty points and a GBP200 fine

Speed cameras utilise advanced technologies such as radar, laser, or inductive loop systems to monitor vehicle speeds.

When a vehicle exceeds the preset speed threshold, the camera captures photographic or video evidence, which is then used to issue speeding citations to the vehicle's registered owner. While many fixed speed cameras are painted yellow for visibility and deterrence purposes, not all speed cameras are required to be yellow. Some cameras may be strategically positioned in unmarked vehicles or concealed within roadside infrastructure to enhance enforcement effectiveness.

Christian Walther Oyrabo, CEO of OOONO A/S, highlights the versatility of speed camera technology, stating, "Speed cameras in Northampton employ various technologies to detect speeding violations. While some cameras may emit visible flashes during image capture, many utilise infrared technology for discreet enforcement, particularly at night." "These cameras can be positioned either forward-facing or rear-facing, depending on the enforcement strategy.

Front-facing cameras are often mounted on roadside fixtures or installed in mobile enforcement vehicles, while rear-facing cameras are commonly used in fixed camera installations."

OOONO's CO-DRIVER is helping avoid distracted drivingOOONO's CO-DRIVER is helping avoid distracted drivingOOONO's CO-DRIVER is helping avoid distracted driving

Speed Limits On dual carriageways in the UK, the standard speed limit for cars and motorcycles is 70 mph. However, drivers should always remain vigilant for any temporary speed limit changes or variable speed limits displayed on electronic signs.

When towing trailers or caravans, drivers must adhere to specific speed limits, which are generally lower than those for solo vehicles. These limits typically cap speeds at 60 mph on motorways and dual carriageways, and 50 mph on single carriageways. Christian Walther Oyrabo underscores the importance of adhering to speed limits, particularly in varying driving conditions, stating, "Understanding speed limits is essential for safe driving.

Whether on your local dual carriageways or towing a caravan, drivers must always comply with the prescribed limits to ensure road safety for themselves and others." Mobile Phones It is vital to understand that using a handheld mobile phone while driving is not only illegal but also extremely hazardous.

Distractions like texting, calling, or touching your phone significantly increase the risk of accidents. While the option of using hands-free devices to make calls while driving may seem safer, despite being legal in the UK, it's important to remember that any form of distraction can impair driving performance and increase the risk of accidents. One common misconception is that drivers can use their device when the car is stationary at traffic lights which is actually still illegal to be holding or using said device.

According to the Northamptonshire Police[5] doing so can result in 6 penalty points and a GBP200 fine. Drivers[6] can however use devices with hands-free access, as long as they are not held at any time during usage. Christian Walther Oyrabo emphasises the gravity of this issue and the importance of educating drivers on the laws and risks associated with mobile phone use behind the wheel. He states, "The dangers of using mobile phones while driving cannot be overstated and distracted driving should be avoided at all times.

At OOONO, we're committed to providing drivers with simple yet effective solutions to stay focused on the road. Our OOONO CO-DRIVER is a screen-free device that helps drivers avoid distractions and maintain their attention where it matters most - on safe driving." Empowering drivers with knowledge

It's crucial to empower drivers with knowledge to make informed decisions behind the wheel. By understanding speed cameras, speed limits, and the implications of mobile phone usage, Northampton drivers can take proactive steps to enhance road safety for themselves and others. Christian Walther Oyrabo underscores this point, adding, "Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to road safety.

By equipping Northampton motorists with the information they need to navigate the complexities of speed cameras, speed limits, and laws regarding mobile phone usage, we look to empower them to make safer choices on the road."


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