New National Highways campaign targets lane hogging

National Highways, the body responsible for England's motorways and major roads, is advising drivers to think about how they can reduce the risk of collisions. Lane-hogging is one of the areas the campaign is focusing on. Those guilty of this are a source of frustration to other motorists and it can cause accidents.

National Highways is urging drivers to use the left-hand lane on motorways and dual carriageways when conditions allow. If you wish to overtake a slower vehicle, you can use the other lanes but then return to the left lane when safe. Drivers should keep at least a two-second gap between themselves and the vehicle in front, giving time and space to stop safely in an emergency.

The campaign is being supported by GEM Motoring Assist, the road safety and breakdown organisation. GEM road safety adviser James Luckhurst said: "One or two small changes to the way we use the roads can have a big impact on safety. "So let's help each other and work together to create a safer environment for everyone."

According to the Brake road safety charity, on average, five people die on UK roads every day and 84 are seriously injured.