‘Everything was spinning’: Driver issues warning after terrifying M60 crash

A driver has issued a warning to fellow motorists following a 'scary' crash on a major Manchester motorway. Josh Connolly and his mum Helen were planning a day out with their horses Paddy and Molly, who they were transporting in their trailer on Tuesday morning (March 26). But their day took a terrifying turn after they were left 'spinning' out of control onto the side of the M60[1], landing with the trailer overturned.

The pair joined the motorway at Ashton[2], noticing the trailer beginning to 'snake' as drivers passed them at significant speeds. Josh said after a driver overtook quickly and 'slammed' on their brakes, leaving the pair without enough time to slow down and forcing them to hurtle off the carriageway. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident.

But Josh told the Manchester Evening News he wanted to use what happened to him as an opportunity to warn other drivers of safe driving practices around horse trailers. Josh said drivers of large vehicles should take care when passing horse trailers at speed as this can cause a trailer to snake. He also said drivers should be aware it can take a vehicle towing a trailer much longer to stop, so motorists should leave space between themselves and a trailer.

The car and trailer had to be rescued from the side of the motorway

"It was really scary," he said. "Everything was spinning.

I'm really shaken up. We are all okay, but we have had a number of close calls. "Hopefully this incident can remind people of the risks of driving around trailers."

Two lanes were shut on the clockwise carriageway on the M60 J23 A635 Manchester Road to J24 for the A57 Denton[4] Island as emergency services attended to the incident at around 11:30 this morning.


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