Reasons your engine management light is on

Modern vehicles are complicated, with many electrical components that feed into the engine and drivetrain – and sometimes they can have issues or faults.

Here are a few common problems to watch out for.

Reason 1 – catalytic converter

This vital part of the engine that controls emissions coming from the vehicle, if it fails or has a connection issue, then the catalytic converter[1] will cause the engine management light to appear on your dashboard.

Reason 2 – ignition system

This can include problems with spark plugs, ignition coils or any other part of the starter motor of the vehicle. There are also several electrical systems that feed into this part of the vehicle. If they also have issues, then the light will appear.

Reason 3 – clutch

If your clutch is slipping[2], or sensors within the gear system are faulty, then you will see the engine management light. However, if you see this, take your car to a garage immediately.

Reason 4 – engine misfire

Some parts of the engine can overheat, leading to an engine misfire – or a sudden juddering engine[3] while out on the roads. This will make the light appear on the dashboard.

Reason 5 – faulty sensors

Although the four points above come with sensors – there are many more installed across any vehicle. If these are linked to major parts of the engine or electrical system, then it will cause the light to come on.


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