World’s poshest McDonald’s has special menu with lobster rolls in …

The poshest[1] McDonald’s in the world is set in a “McMansion” and even has lobster rolls on the menu.

McDonald’s[2] are normally fairly easy to spot, all hard edges and that generic green-grey-brown colour. This McDonald’s in Freeport, Maine, in the US is a little different.

Built inside the 1850s Gore House, the McMansion has more in common with a suburban house or even a posh restaurant. The features are not what you might expect.

For the latest brilliantly bizarre news from the Daily Star, click here.[4]

This version of the fast food chain comes complete with a fireplace, sash windows, candles in sticks and around the dining room are gloriously exposed wood panels – all the better for scranning your chips and barbecue sauce with.

There are no golden arches There are no golden arches


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