Tisbury: Lorry driver fined after blocking road and hitting B&B

An articulated lorry driver reportedly crashed into a railway bridge in Tisbury Row at around 12.55pm on Monday, November 13, then reversed one and a half miles down the road to try and turn around.

The Discordia Logistics driver reversed into the road next to The Granary B&B and attempted to turn right but got stuck and collided with the house while reversing.

Schoolchildren on the bus which travels down Tisbury Row had to evacuate since the road was blocked.

B&B owner Charlie Large said police did not close the road until "four or five hours" after the driver first got stuck.

"It was quite traumatic and went on for quite a long time. We will probably have to have a survey of the building," she said.

Salisbury Journal: Recovery vehicles helped the lorry driver manoeuvre out.Recovery vehicles helped the lorry driver manoeuvre out. (Image: Facebook)

Two recovery vehicles and police cars attended but Mrs Large said the road was not cleared until 10.30pm.

Discordia is a Bulgarian logistics company and the DAF lorry that got stuck had a European registration plate.

Wiltshire Police confirmed that the driver was issued a fixed penalty notice for careless driving.

A spokesperson said: "At around 12.55pm yesterday we responded after an artic lorry collided with a railway bridge in Tisbury Row.

“The lorry has then reversed and collided with a house."