Maeving’s new RM1S electric bike a sell-out success | AutoTrader

Remember the Maeving RM1[1]? In case you missed it this was the appealingly retro-styled, 45mph-capable electric bike launched in 2022 by new British start-up. And now there’s an update on that machine, capable of 65mph and called the RM1S. It’s already proved so popular the first batch of 100 bikes sold out in just hours, with a second batch of machines now being built.That first batch is scheduled to be delivered in March next year with the second batch now likely in April. Maeving has quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer in the zero-emissions, urban motorcycle market with its RM1 regularly being the best-selling, road-legal electric motorcycle in the UK. Maeving was founded in 2017 by Seb Inglis-Jones and Will Stirrup with idea of creating a retro-style but British-built electric bike with swappable batteries to take on the Chinese-built competition. The company is based in Coventry and has a workforce including many ex-Triumph engineers. Now the new RM1S looks set to build on the success of the original with an increased top speed of 65mph, more power and new battery technology, among other additional benefits. Visually, the RM1S looks little different from the RM1, with the same bobber-style seat, long wheelbase and classic 19-inch wheels along with 10-litre lockable storage area in the dummy ‘tank’. As before there are two removeable batteries, although these are new and now rated at 2.6kWh, a 30 per cent increase over the RM1.


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