Kent woman fined more than ?1k for ‘having a messy garden’

A woman was given a fine of more than £1k for letting dog poo and rubbish pile up in her garden - impacting her neighbours.

Folkestone & Hythe district council said Natalie Hixon's inaction meant an "unpleasant odour" wafted around - which affected those living nearby.

The authority said Hixon, of Folkestone, Kent, was warned about the mess and cleared some of it, but failed to remove the dog poo. A picture shows garden furniture strewn about, with muck visible on the floor and on a barbeque.

Hixon was taken to court last month and convicted of breaching a community order in her absence, the council said. She was fined £660 and ordered to pay £180 costs and a £264 victim surcharge - a total of £1,104 - at Margate magistrates' court.

Cllr Polly Blakemore, of the council said: “Prosecutions are always a last resort. But action will be taken when people’s quality of life is being impacted by inconsiderate behaviour such as this.”

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